The People


To us, this is a partnership. We are here to help you design memorable journeys catering for each client’s interests. Our mission is to assist your client on their journey through Aotearoa to experience the real New Zealand.

Tailor-made documentation, 24/7 emergency contact, agent online access and booking tools are services you should expect. What is important is the knowledge that only experience brings and care that only a boutique operation can offer.

Destination Design was founded by Sanna McCulloch after a decade of experience in the New Zealand inbound environment. After completing a Masters Degree in Intercultural Business Communication and moving to the other side of the world, she fell in love with her new home country and wanted to help other people see its extraordinary beauty.

She started as a consultant for the VIP sector and quickly moved onto Product Management and then Business Development.  For five years Sanna was the General Manager of a well known inbound travel company before establishing Destination Design.   Mail Sig

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